Find out Black Tiger method « Cleverness Data System ».
This method integrates the whole regulation and guarantees compliance.
It took 18 months of innovation for this integration.

General Data Protection Regulation

The GDPR has entered into force on May 25th 2018. It has an impact on companies as well as consumers.

Adopted on April 14th 2016 by the European Parliament, this regulation requires companies that work on data collection, data storage and data processing for citizens of the European Union, to adopt new practices to strengthen the protection of consumers' privacy. 
The GDPR is not an option. It is applied to European companies, as well as non-European companies, which have a range of activities in Europe.

This reform aims for three objectives, defined by the CNIL (Commision Nationale de l'Informatique et des Libertés), dealing with the intensification of the rights of individuals and the empowerment of companies insuring data processing.

GDPR compliance is not an option, it applies to all companies processing and holding the personal data of data subjects residing in the European Union, regardless of the company’s location.

From the beginning, the quality of communication between a brand and her consumers has always been at the core of Black Tiger' concerns. The new regulation on personal data should be seen as an opportunity for brands to put the individual back at the center of discussions, thanks to a better use of his personal data.

The GDPR includes 99 articles which have to be implemented in every data processing software. So, software must integrate the "data protection par conception" concept (privacy by design) as well as the "data protection by default (privacy by default).

Black Tiger has turned the 99 articles of law into technology and has also developed a method to ensure GDPR compliance and guarantees a strict, efficient and tangible response to new legal requirements.

This method to achieve compliance ensures :

  • Your own compliance as processing controller,
  • The durability of your business activities like commercial prospection and customer loyalty,
  • To build up certified relations with clients and prospects.

With the enforcement of the new regulation, the personal data moved from a neutral status to that of a sensitive issue.

Data processing controllers, as well as their data processors, must have an acute awareness of the risks associated with processing and using data.

Black Tiger' method to ensure compliance enables to measure risks in a tangible way, in order to take good decisions in personal data processing.

This method to ensure compliant has been presented to the CNIL in October 2017, which has approved it.

GDPR as code compliance methodology

Nowdays, taking the GDPR into account is too often reduced to writing annual audit reports, organizational measures and contractual clauses. The market is still immature in terms of GDPR compliance and the technological implementation of the law is too little planed by companies. However, this is the only way to continuously address compliance as a whole. The technological implementation of the GDPR deals with the real issue: ethical personal data processing.

Black Tiger' compliance methodology is structured around fundamental principles and rights set by the law, particularly risk management when concerning private life:


The GDPR solution natively manages the register of processing operations as metada. This register is used in real time to analyze risks, to manage marketing pressure, etc.

Black Tiger gives the opportunity to its clients to anticipate risks concerning their personal data processings. Therefore, they are able to make informed business decisions.

Machine learning algorithms guarantee upstream the reliability of data in order to normalize, deduplicate and consolidate individuals. This allows to optimize data retention. It is then a mere formality to meet the right of persons.