Digital Base of Consents (BNC)


What is the Digital Base of Consents for and how does it work ?

Whay is the BNC for ?

The BNC informs and supports consumers concerning their new rights following the new European legislation
which must be respected by brands since May 25th 2018.

Give power back to consumers.
Black Tiger has initiated this approach for the last three years.
Fortified by a strong twenty years expertise in personal databases management on behalf of important French brands, the company has initiated a turn in 2014 with the arrival of its new direction.

One purpose : Ethic Data

The foundation of trade has always been the trust the consumer puts in the brand whatever the type of products concerned. It is easier for him to assume the product he has chosen as long as his trust is established.

This trust between a brand and a client is traditionally based on the proven quality of the product, the high quality manufacturing, a specific know-how, the reference to the raw materials used and also, a transparent communication on all those parameters.

Confidence is also based on the relationship between the brand and its clients. The quality of this relationship depends on the listening, the reactivity and the sincerity of the brand. This confidence is one of the pillars that make the client trust in the brand.

Brands can sometimes misuse personal data. This practice can inescapably create distrust between clients and brands. It is also very damaging for the brands, whereas it needs so much means to create a real relation with its clients. 

We, consumers, think that a brand must only pursue one objective: the clients’ satisfaction. In order to satisfy them, a brand must serve them properly. Moreover, in order to serve them properly, a brand must know them well.

When taking an exam, an off-topic can be an expensive mistake. Knowing too much about her client, can also be considered as an off-topic for a brand. It doesn't necessary help the brand to serve him better. It can rather contribute to damage her image: indeed, the brand does not necessary need to have all personal data to better satisfy his client. It takes years to rebuild a brand image and reputation, but it only needs a few clicks to damage it, or even worth, to depreciate it.

In a digital universe where connected objects have full power and hyperconnection is encouraged, it is inevitable to build a necessary relationship of trust between the brand and its clients, so they can serenely take advantage of beautiful technological evolutions. This relationship of trust can't be established without looking to be ethic or trying to demonstrate it.

As a consumer, I can easily communicate my personal data to a brand, and accept that she uses it, as long as I know what it will be used for, when and how long, but mostly, as long as I am convinced it will not harm me. To that end, only an ethic use of personal data will build the necessary trust between a brand and a consumer.

So far, the use of personal data has been heterogeneous and sometimes excessive; giving brands the power to dictate their communication channels and rhythm. We, consumers, couldn’t do nothing but undergo that situation.

Only few brands have been able to resist the temptation to hypercommunication, stimulated by the multiplication of connected objects, running the risk of breaking the fragile link they have with their clients.

Such practices go beyond the borders of the Hexagon to concern all states members of the European Union. The necessity of a new regulation, which assures customers' protection and legal coherence, is a European issue. Within this context, the General Data Protection Regulation, the GDPR, was implemented on May 25th 2018. It represents a real revolution for all data market players.

Created in 2014 by Black Tiger, the Cleverness Data® perfectly matches with redefining the ethic relation that must reunite brands and consumers from now on. In order to accompany them in the enforcement of this new European legislation, Black Tiger creates the Digital Base of Consents, the BNC (Base Numérique des Consentements), which assists and informs consumers on their new rights in terms of data protection.

The Digital Base of Consents has been presented to the CNIL: Black Tiger continues its ethical, responsible and pedagogic approach, initiated since 2014.

The BNC, how does it work ?

This personal space helps you manage your personal data.

As a consumer, you receive a login and a password allowing you to log on to your personal space.

You can decide by yourself who is allowed to contact you, how and for how long.
And above all, you can specify in that unique space, your opposition by brand to the use of your personal data.

The BNC : ethic, reliable and intelligent

You take back control of the use of your personal data. You can decide by yourself who is allowed to contact you, how and for how long.

Our Digital Base of Consents (BNC, Base Numérique des Consentements) is online. You can find every information about it on this website.

The aim of the BNC is not to prevent consumers we all are from moving with the times, as if digital universe didn't exist anymore, but on the contrary, to give them the means to enjoy these technological evolutions by controlling the whys and wherefores.

So, each consumer can use the BNC only to manage his oppositions to the use of his personal data, but also to manage his needs as a consumer, while totally controlling the use of his personal data.

To do so, you have access to a space allowing you to :

  • Manage your relation with your favourite brands
  • You choose your brands.
  • You select your favourite communication channels to stay in contact with your brands.
  • You choose the period in which you accept to be contacted by your brands.

  • Manage your new needs
  • You enter your need.
  • You choose the brand(s) you want to be connected with for that/these need(s).
  • You choose your favourite communications channel(s).
  • You choose the period in which you accept to be contacted by those brands.

If you want to know more about the Digital Base of Consents or the General Data Protection Regulation, or if you want to react, we invite you to write us at the following address : We will get back to you in the shortest delay.


The application of the Digital Base of Consents is already available for free on the App Store and on Google Play. You can also find it at the following address: