Digital Base of Consents (BNC)


A unique opportunity to redefine the privileged relationship between a brand and its consumers. A relationship based on new equity grounds.

The General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR., has been implemented on 25 May 2018. Its aims are to reinforce the control of citizens on their personal data, to dictate brands new operating rules while unifying data market regulation in all Member States of the European Union.

The GDPR. has been voted to be applied: each and every actor of the market have new duties and new rights which now need to be respected.
No doubt this new regulation completely changes the digital universe that we currently experience.

However, far from representing a constraint for the brands which will meet this new regulation, it must be experienced as a unique opportunity to reshape their privileged relation with consumers, a relation based on new equity grounds.

The loyalty of a consumer towards a brand is definitely a confidence matter. Confidence is a long-term process, thanks to the brand and her caring relationship with the consumer.

The advent of a digital society has allowed this new relationship between brands and consumers, but at the same time, it has also reduced time and distances to immediacy. Closeness allows what distance excludes. 
Some brands have chosen to communicate without respecting the total digital availability of consumers. Why should brands wait for them in a shop, or send them special offers by post mail while it is so easy to send them countless mails, no matter the hour of the day? 
The consumer is overwhelmed with constant messages from brands, whether he appreciates it or not. His screen is of no help to protect him from this constant invasion.

The conclusion is clear: the brand drives the customer away whereas she only wants to convince and retain him.

Black Tiger supports brands in this necessary and promising societal rupture due to the GDPR.

Thanks to the BNC, the consumer has the opportunity to create his own consumption universe, within which he can select his favourite brands and his points of interest, as well as the way he wants the brand to communicate with him.
In accordance with the customer’s request, the relationship between the consumer and the brand is soothed and peaceful.

 The brand creates customer loyalty again in an ethic way, being in full compliance with the new regulation.