2i Intelligence In


A use it in accordance with your profile and your needs, for an efficient management of your activity.

Job-oriented approach a great asset

2i platform innovates with a native integration of all addressed business processes.

Those processes correspond to each of the concomitant actions of a business, from trade to delivery.

This approach enables to build business objects depending on varied flows which contain fragmented information. The data is then, clean and ready for processing, according to your specific needs.

2i supports you in identifying and taking into account your business objects with :

An automated management plug-in via : r

  • A graphic management interface for business processes ;
  • A management interface for SQL requests.

An exploitation pug-in via :

  • 100% configurable screens, without any impact on data management model ;
  • A graphic management interface for marketing campaigns ;
  • A configurable interface dedicated to reporting and data mining ;
  • A sharp management of users rights.

Your clients are the reason for being of your trade. This is why their data is your most precious knowledge. Better knowing its clients is needed to achieve the highest quality of service. This is why 2i platform guarantees you an efficient management of your activity, in accordance with your specific needs.

Ergonomics anduser centric utilization

2i is an easy to use platform which enables an efficient management, thanks to optimized browsing and scalability.

  • Design

    The design of the platform 2i is modern is modern and user centric. The platform is focused on your needs, allowing simple or complex actions management. Your final interface reflects your needs and settings.

  • Modularity

    The modular nature of 2i offers every user a solution adapted to his activity and way of working.

    In order to analyze, develop, decide, plan and lead actions, 2i platform provides easy-to-use tools for non-informatics people, with total independence.

    Actually, ergonomic interfaces, as well as the accessibility of the platform, enable an operational autonomy and an intuitive access to all kinds of users. Moreover, the vocabulary used in 2i perfectly matches with the concerned business sector. There is no need to browse when not necessary.

    The platform continuously learns from her users and adjusts the user interface according to his daily browsing. The modular interface is natively scalable and integrates your evolving needs.

  • Exploitation

    In the operation phase, 2i platform is available in Saas mode or settled in your premises.

    • Self-service use is possible because of "by design" ergonomics and accessibility. The platform is conceived in such a way as to ensure that every user can benefit from a large autonomy, according to his needs, skills and uses.
    • Thanks to "My Full Service" operating program, a Black Tiger' team is dedicated to 2i operating activities.

2i technological platform enables a real-time management of all types of data with all types of flows, and provides a 360° view of your contacts. The platform relies on innovative and proven technologies in accordance with the new market requirements. 2i supports the evolution of the market thanks to :

  • Native data quality, that is integrated restructuring treatments / standardization, deduplication, consolidation, entry aids, correcting relocated clients' addresses, data enrichment, etc.,
  • Action oriented ergonomics, instead of function oriented ergonomics, for fluent daily users' operations,
  • A screen personalization for each organization and each user for a simple and intuitive browsing experience.
  • A unique base ensuring operational and marketing management on all types of contacts : the Data Dock,
  • Structured and unstructured data hosting and exploitation,
  • An innovative search engine which drastically reduces lag times beside current systems,
  • An interactive data mining tool,

2i uses innovative and proven technologies to meet the changing requirements of market players, whatever the business, as well as to support them in their evolutions and successes relies on a unique base for transactional use, as well as, big data use and social networks use. It can also receive and host structured and unstructured data.

The database engine used in 2i platform combines two complementary storage technologies to provide a fast and scalable exploitation of this unique data base or 2i Data Dock.

This unique Data Dock enables to connect, centralize, make reliable and unify all data, whatever its form or origin. Result of a major technological evolution on big data management market, the Data Dock enables 2i platform to natively use two complementary storage technologies :

  • Data warehouse (storage on fix schema)
  • Data Lake (storage with fix schema)

Using both of those technologies ensure rigorous operations on bases, and also a fast and easy deployment. This is one of the advances 2i can enjoy.

Contact Management

2i platform natively has configurable screens for users' management.<

All information concerning one individual is available on a data sheet. A data sheet provides a simple visualization of subjects "in progress" concerning an individual, as well as an access to all his information. It also allows to launch appropriate workflows.

Data sheets are completely configurable and divided in to parts to highlight important information :

Upper part containing important information concerning an individual :

  • « Quick look » zone to validate the individual's identity,
  • Fast actions launching zone to quickly manage current actions,
  • Last actions' zone concerning one individual with possible context actions.

Those records and their content are decided with the client during the implementation. 2i sets up screens during the session. Updating contact forms doesn't require any development. It's a question of configuration.

Lower part containing important information concerning an individual :

  • « Alertes », « Alerts » tab containing classified alerts in accordance with their critical level,
  • « Events » tab which enables to view the trading history with the brand.

Thanks to a full text search, the results are real-time updated. This functionality enables users to easily identify individuals.

Here are the full text search features :

  • A unique full text search,
  • The full text search uses all information related to an individual, indexed by the administrator,
  • Advanced search possible by username, last name, first name, address, etc.

The number of occurrences and the results gradually display during data entry. The most interesting results are displayed in the form of business cards.


Business process services

Designed to easily manage customer specificities thanks to a graphic interface, 2i business rules engine is efficient and user-friendly. Ergonomical and intuitive, the graphic interface makes a technical administrator autonomous for such tasks as :

  • Visualiser de manière simple les règles métier déployées,
  • Faciliter la maintenance et l’évolution de ces règles métier.

Ce moteur de règles métier s’articule autour de 3 éléments :

  • Easy visualization of deployed business rules,
  • Facilitate business rules' maintenance and development.

This business rules engine is built around three elements :

  • Elementary actions which constitute base components used by the business rules engine,
  • Workflows which are assemblies of elementary actions,
  • Trigger events and route points which formalize needed conditions to launch a workflow or to initiate the next elementary action.

Focus on elementary actions

2i platform natively has an elementary actions library which the unique data base administrator has access to. An elementary action can :

  • Act on every database,
  • Generate users alerts.

Here are some examples of elementary actions :

  • Updating operations / configured consolidations,
  • RNVP, relocated people, enrichment processing on some contacts,
  • Data import and extract,
  • Campaign targeting and unsubscribing,
  • Reporting table update,
  • Creation of user alerts in order to report :
  • Information to share,
  • An unusual situation,
  • An action to be performed.
  • Assigning contacts to Iris,
  • Changing data values in the base.

Focus on workflows

Workflows are chains of elementary actions and events which eventually integrate conditions. They are managed in a graphic interface by an customer administrator or by 2i.

Here are some examples of workflows :

  • Programming automatic campaigns
  • Trigger by a precise date, an anniversary, a reaction to an event, an addition to a group
  •  A single contact or a group of contacts targeting
  •  Personalized message per contact
  • Selection of the favourite channel depending on the message
  •  Crossing different criteria at the same time (data usability, time criteria, etc.)
  • Planning all automatic marketing actions, including :
  • Clients unsubscribing steps by shop
  • Taking into account offers by shop
  •  Steps of manual validation by the marketing team
  • Adding addresses in order to check the way the campaign progresses
  • Generating telephone listings for campaigns' reminders
  • Triggering alerts after a NPAI/PND campaign :
  • Alerts on contact files,
  •  In case of VIP contact, the alert also appears on the user's screen, who can be the seller,
  • After the 3rd PND, the address is classified as "invalid address". 
  • Launching data quality processing
  • Checking data validity over time (e.g. announced relocation) and triggering appropriate actions (e.g. address updating)
  • Triggering alerts on a clients' files after unfinished communication, 
  • Triggering actions in case of blocked workflow during X business days, because it is waiting for validation.

Focus on trigger events and route points

Trigger events are necessary conditions to launch a workflow. 2i continually checks necessary conditions before launching workflows.

Here are some examples of trigger events :

  • Manual launching command through 2i interface,
  • Given date, 
  • Recurring date (e.g. on the 15th of every month) 
  • Importing a file with different features,
  • Export a file with different features, 
  • Postal reference documents updating,
  • Incomplete workflow during X business days (e.g. blocked on a validation step),
  • Email return (hard bounce or soft bounce), 
  • Returned mail (PND),
  • Male title and female name,
  • Every events combination.

Data Analysis & Campaign Management

In order to analyze, conceive, decide, plan and carry out marketing campaigns, 2i platform provides a graphic targeting interface. This interface is easy-to-use for non-computer scientists. It may use all types of data.

Non-technical users become totally autonomous in creating marketing and operational targets.

2i graphic targeter enables to create, modify and remove targets through :

  • Constructing personalized targets without any limit of criteria or data origin,
  • Using a predefined targets library,
  • Addition (or exclusion) of specific clients for a specific target :
  • Automatically in the context of an event or during a DI scoring,
  • Manually.

In order to support the creation of a target, 2i provides :

  • Graphic construction of targets,
  • Configurable interface depending on the user's autonomy level,
  • Counting as it arises for each target allowing :
  • Visualization of the number of targeted customers,
  • Visualization of the number of addressable by channel type targeted customers,
  • Flexibility in exploring data in order to :
  • Maximize the number of identified targets,
  • Minimize necessary resources for each target creation.

In this way, the target can be statically (unique calculation) or dynamically (calculation for each use) defined.


Once created, a target can be :

  • Extract for :
  • A marketing campaign,
  • An operational action,
  • An external analysis.
  • Refined by an additional targeting in order to improve marketing campaigns' ROI,
  • Exploited in 2i as part of a workflow,
  • Exported to different destinations, as an FTP server, an email, a CFT, etc.

2i targeting interface can also be used to analyze other groups than contacts. For example, a graphic targeting can allow identify the ten best shops or best-selling products respecting certain constraints.

Here are some of the entities a target may utilize :

  • Standard, premium, prospects or inactive clients,
  • Moral persons,
  • Customers who have open an email with a smartphone or a certain type of software,
  • Files including dead people, postponed or suspected duplication, people who have already been contacted,
  • Contact favorite interaction channels,

2i platform can handle marketing management in a fully automated way, without needing any advanced technical knowledge. Thanks to the interface which allows to create workflows, 2i users will be able to gather and set targeting, export and import functional blocks in order to define required campaigns patterns. 2i software chain can manage campaigns in a fully automated way, without needing any advanced technical knowledge.
So, you can rapidly generate targetings and countings thanks to an optimized infrastructure, a powerful modular calculation, a dynamic graphic interface and an innovative data storage (Data Lake). You can duplicate an existing campaign in order to prepare a new one. Finally, the GDPR orders to have his explicit consent before contacting anybody. 2i natively manages this regulatory constraint, while giving the marketing manager the means to control proves of consents.

Furthermore, the marketing management interface allows you to manage in a centralized way, marketing pressure for all your activities. Clients who are likely to participate to several campaigns at the same time are efficiently identified and managed (offers' priority, grouping of messages, etc.).

Data Intelligence

Knowing, understanding, hosting and anticipating customer experience, all of these are solutions integrated in 2i platform. The platform has a native data intelligence interface for data dynamic graphic exploration. 2i can integrate most of DI market solutions for real-time data management, without needing exports.

In case of complex analyses requiring multiple calculations graphics, 2i achieves the needed configuration and also insures skills transfer if needed. An administrator can be autonomous for uncalculated simple graphics.

2i data intelligence interface is made of synchronized graphics sets, known as dashboards, which allow a dynamic multi-graphic data mining. You can select a population by clicking on a graph. From there, other graphs on the dashboard will only show the statistics relating to this population.


2i platform can be connected to any Data Intelligence (DI) solution on the market with ODBC-JDBC connectors. In that context, the DI tool doesn't replicate data but directly use the real-time updated ones available in 2i. It guarantees a higher quality level.