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Welcome to 2i, your clever data space.
Technology at your disposal with Black Tiger.

No Big Data Leader, because no proven profit creation so far


Companies have started acknowledging data as a core asset, although no way has been found to transform it into a « cash-in » channel.

Since the 80s, data has been collected (DWH), cleansed (MDM), shared (DGP) and analyzed (Data lake)… which turned out to be added costs for companies.

Overall, companies are more likely to collect data rather than exploit it. More than 55% of companies are looking forward to optimize their operational efficiency and 51% their knowledge and customer experiences.

Big Data market is not mature. It grows through an experimental process of technological innovation.

How to convert data usages into incomes hasn’t been found.

At Black Tiger, we are convinced that collecting data must create new services, products and solutions to ensure the emergence of a new recurrent income channel.

Black Tiger introduces 2i, the first Data to Profit Platform.

No matter which data you want to use,
No matter where they are
No matter what are your expectations
2i has the answer.

Your clever data space

  • Because you address millions of individuals,
  • Because you manage hundreds of products and thousands of transactions,
  • Because you must take into account the last law in force (GDPR – General Data Protection Regulation) which protect your clients and prospects.

Black Tiger provides 2i solution in order to make your data available in a unique customer's referential, whether clients, prospects, products, logistics, deals, contracts or rivals ones. Those are real-time refined data for comprehension, utilization and total understanding of the market purposes.


2i is a technological, scalable and modular platform, dedicated to your needs and objectives. Based on an innovative storage and data processing technology, developed by our R&D, the platform is firmly adaptable to each client's precise needs, so that he can integrate his own business rules.

2i solution is the result of the logical evolution of Black Tiger, from personal data expert to software publisher. This transformation draws on a solid base of 25 years of expertise in data certification, data hosting, outsourcing and data processing.

2i is the technological solution to fully master your activity, from the moment you want to manage it with the higher level of client knowledge and, at the same time, being sure that the data you use is right and exhaustive.

Your customers are the reason for being of your trade. This is the reason why their data is your most precious knowledge.

2i solution is the result of an exceptional meeting between two traditionally contradictory worlds : data and technology.

This historical union is indicative of the cultural mismatch between business activities (trade, marketing, logistics, etc.) and IT activities.

Today's grail is the most in-depth and exact understanding of a client. The maturity of actual technologies enables it, but without controlling data, the result is insufficient because it is approximate, if not untrue.

Our specific data expertise combines with the most innovative and proven technologies, offer 2i users an appropriated solution to their market needs and their respective trades, whatever their level of expertise. 2i simplicity of use, due to its personalized functions, echoes its polymorphic nature and the guaranteed security because of its architecture. The real time display of the entire reliable client's data, allows an intelligent and efficient use of what can be considered as a corporate asset.